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Newsletter July 2010

Greetings Éiriú Eolas family!

We’ve expanded our newsletter to include everyone around the world who has expressed interest in the Éiriú Eolas Breath & Meditation program. We hope you will enjoy the articles we share with you and that you’ll find them interesting and informative. You will find the world-wide Éiriú Eolas schedules here and contact information for classes in the sidebar. We will be adding new features in the future, such as “Meet the Teachers”. If you have a story about what EE has done for your life or any other information you would like to share, we would love to hear about that too! Visit the Éiriú Eolas Forum and become a member of our online community.

Warm Regards,

Your Éiriú Eolas Teachers

A Natural Way to Treat Depression

Scientific research has established that chronic stress can lead to depression. Mainstream medicine provides many pharmaceutical solutions to treat the symptoms of depression while often ignoring the underlying cause. Stress is our system’s natural response to perceived dangers in our environment. It is meant to be a valuable, protective tool that ensures our survival in times of real physical danger. The hectic pace of our modern world results in increasing pressure on our lives, so that the body’s normal stress response is activated all the time. Alternative medicine now recognizes the connection between chronic stress and depression. The ancient technique of vagal-nerve stimulation has been proven to effectively treat depression by switching off the stress response that causes it.

Stress is literally everywhere in our world today. It can result from problems in our relationships, to pressures in our work environment, and daily in the tragedy-filled news stories that arrive in our houses from all over the world. Stress can also come from within. The constant worrying over the endless to-do lists in our minds, the despair arising from hidden secrets of our past and from unfulfilled dreams of our future. Constant, unrelenting stress can feel like carrying the weight of the whole world on one’s shoulders. Even joyous events in life like weddings, graduations, and promotions can become stressful as we try to conform to our society’s standards of how the event must unfold. Also, we must deal with emotional and psychological traumas, old wounds carried from our past, that can be activated by events in the present. Wherever we look, stress is everywhere, and people are suffering from all the physiological symptoms that come with it, the most prominent of all being depression.

Recognizing the signs of Depression:

  • Feelings of sadness that persist for many days
  • Loss of interest in activities that previously brought joy
  • Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness
  • Uncertainty in making decisions
  • Inability to concentrate, feeling fatigued and irritable
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Bodily aches and pains (headaches, nausea, joint pain, neck/shoulder tension, etc)

Now more than ever, it is time to take care of ourselves and deal with the debilitating symptoms of depression in a natural and effective way. Vagal-nerve stimulation employed by simple breathing techniques is one the best ways to alleviate stress that causes depression. The Eiriu Eolas breathing and rejuvenation program is the key by which we can actually eliminate the negative effects of stress on our lives. This amazing program can help us heal ourselves and give us the ability to think clearly in a world gone mad.

Modern western medicine has grappled with the problem of treating depression for as long as it has been recognized as a clinical condition. Early psychologists posited that talking about one’s problems and analyzing dreams was enough. This was followed by electroshock therapy which worked sporadically, but not consistently enough to validate it as a generalized treatment. After that came the appearance of various mind-altering chemicals, which helped alleviate some symptoms of depression without treating the underlying cause. These chemicals just covered up the problem, leaving a generation of addicts in its wake and creating enormous wealth and profit for the pharmaceutical companies. As the mind-body connection became better understood, the importance of the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) mediated by the vagus nerve was recognized as a crucial component in the treatment of depression.

Even modern medicine began to recognize the importance of vagal nerve stimulation in helping to switch off the the body’s natural stress response. Western doctors and scientists took their usual technological approach and created a mechanical device similar to the pacemaker that electronically stimulates the vagus nerve. The FDA, in 2003, approved vagus nerve stimulation, also known as VNS Therapy, as a treatment for chronic or recurrent treatment-resistant depression via a small device that is surgically implanted in the chest. Every few minutes the VNS pacemaker stimulates a small part of the vagus nerve, activating the PNS, reducing the stress response which can lead to depression. This gadget can cost up to $25,000, not counting the costs of surgery. Unfortunately, due to the dangers of interfering with heart function, electronic VNS therapy only stimulates one side of the vagus nerve, and so is not nearly as effective as other natural forms of vagal-nerve stimulation.

Our students and teachers know that there is a better, simpler, more natural and effective way to stimulate the vagus nerve. It is done via the revival of an ancient breathing technique called Eiriu Eolas. It is for this reason that the demand for EE classes increases everyday across the world. It is a program based on sound medical and scientific research and is working wonders for the thousands that are practicing it. The breathing technique consisting of correct diaphragmatic breathing and vagus nerve stimulation. The EE program is very simple to perform and accessible to everyone, regardless of age and/or physical capacity. As long as we are breathing, we can utilize the tools contained in the EE program to lead lives where we are in control of our stress, and be the masters of our physical, mental and emotional landscapes.

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