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Vagus Nerve, Epilepsy and Drug Addiction

January 31, 2011
Answers to Drugs

Holistic support for the vagus nerve, that is part of our parasympathetic nervous system could bring about an end to epilepsy and drug addiction. Chronic stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to gear up the body in a defensive way, not optimal to good health, more a survival function. In an effort to compensate for stress factors, and bring the body back to homeostasis, the vagus nerve is activated, boosting the immune system and trying to restore equilibrium.

The vagus nerve means “wandering” and indeed the vagus (10th cranial) nerve extends direct from our brain throughout the body, reaching the heart, our digestive system and peripheral organs, our muscles and our skin.

Epilepsy is precisely caused by excessive discharge of electrical activity in the brain resulting in loss of consciousness, and very often tonic-clonic spasms and convulsions. There is also a wide range of non-epileptic seizures, tics, tremors and spasms that have the appearance of epilepsy – but without the cerebral discharge. Focal epilepsy would appear to be connected with brain function. There is evidence of glial function in the brain trying to compensate for stress where epilepsy is involved. Non epileptic seizures seem to be associated with somatic aberrations, and sometimes have psychosomatic causes.

Both epilepsy and drug addiction are still considered by some to have congenital, genetic origin – in both cases no genetic cause has in fact been located, with increasingly strong indications that for both disorders it is trauma and an abusive childhood that is causal of these symptoms. A holistic approach has no difficulty with treating both epilepsy and drug addiction as symptoms of distress – each being the best way that the individual concerned learnt to defend against and tried to deal with particular stressors in their life.

Both epilepsy and drug addiction can be a result of chronic over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and a hyperactive vagus nerve, trying to conquer the stress. Apart from physical toxic stressors, modern day life abounds with traumatic, toxic emotional conflicts and stress.

Causes of epilepsy are known to be sources of intense stimulation, such as flickering lights, or binaural sound entrainment. The epileptic response would appear to be a natural type of ECT devised by the body to rid itself of both physical and emotional tensions generated by overwhelmingly toxic stress. A similar effect is achieved when people compulsively turn to drug and substance abuse.

Sadly, much of the stress that we suffer from today comes from the necessity of having to deal with toxic human relationships from a position of relative powerlessness. We don’t get catharsis by negotiation, we have no choice, no option – to emotionally survive the situation – we have to take drastic action. For some it is the epileptic discharge of mental and physical tension – for others it might be taking refuge in alcohol use, or shooting up with a needle.

In a holistic sense, virtually all psychosomatic, auto immune and compulsive, impulsive disorders can be explained in terms of conflict between the mind-activated sympathetic nervous system, and parasympathetic attempts by the vagus nerve, the glilia, and other body regulators to try and down regulate the stress.

Holistic methods and treatments provide parasympathetic support, helping to bring the body into balance and harmony – using methods that are natural – and 100% drug free. When emotional conflicts are resolved, using holistic therapy – people can achieve recovery from drug addiction and epileptic symptoms.

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