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Éiriú Eolas Coming to New Jersey, USA in July 2011

Do you feel that you could be better Without the stress and worry from

Everyday Life, Work, Daily Chores, Unemployment, Health Challenges, Raising Children?

Introducing Eíriú-Eolas  Healing   &  Rejuvenation Program to New Jersey, USA

Eíriú-Eolas incorporates time-tested Stress control technique utilizing vagus nerve stimulation, which are scientifically proven to provide instant relief from stress and rejuvenate your health.

Learn once and Use it any time

When  :  July 2nd,2011 2PM-4PM

Where : Regular Classes are available at

Urban Yoga Center, 1553 Route 27 Suite 1100, Somerset, NJ

(Between Skillman Lane & Bennett’s Lane)

$10 per session

Contact : Rao@eiriu-eolas.org

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