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Out of the Box Thinking For Insanely Fast and Easy Weight Loss – Start Right Now!

May 21, 2011

If you are like most people, you are probably using exercise methods out of a magazine or from your trainer. The truth is that these are ordinary and old methods that will only get you ordinary results. You can not expect to be ahead of the rest of the pack doing the same things as everyone else does. This will get you nowhere fast.

There are only a few who are at the top of the game. These people do things “outside of the box”. They think differently than everyone else and their results show. They get fast results and the results are effective.

So here is what you need to know that will change the way you think, so you can develop the new attitude of intrigue and enthusiasm, and go into your exercises with this attitude, because 80% of it is attitude.

Look at your body from a biological perspective. How does your body burn fat and use energy?

In order for this to take place cells need to be phosphorylized. Signalling takes place in your cells and this signalling sets off a cascade of reactions in cells to use energy and burn fat. So how do we increase signalling?

There are various supplements you can take that increase cell signalling and allow for greater cellular energy utilisation.

Some of these supplements include: ALCAR(acetyl-l-carnitine), Leucine, isoleucine, creatine. These bodybuilding supplements are some of the most effective ways to burn fat and increase energy burning.

A lot of people use these things, but have little idea of the actual science behind them. It is important to know what they actually do, so you can have the right attitude about exercise.

When I say that 80% of your weight loss efforts are attitude, this is the truth. The majority of people go into their workouts lost and have no clue what is happening at a cellular level.

It`s like trying to do something for the first time you have no idea about. Knowledge provides intrigue and enthusiasm and this is fuel for amazing results!

Another “outside the box” thought is the mechanism that controls/regulates your gut. The vagus nerve is the medium which allows the brain and gut to connect to each other. Through deep breathing and relaxation you are able to activate the vagus nerve.

So, think about it…The more deep breathing you do the more effective you become at activating the vagus nerve and having conscious control over your gut.

The more the vagus nerve is active, the more you will be able to send oxygen and activity to that part of the body.

The key principle I am trying to lay out here is that with regular practice you will greatly enhance your control in your abdomen area and boost your fat burning, muscle building ability!

Think about these ideas and allow yourself to become intrigued by the thought of totally different ways to lose weight and reach your fitness goals. You will be trying something different than everyone else, so that alone gives you an edge!


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