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‘Meditation can counter neurological diseases’

Sep 24, 2011
Daily News & Analysis

Meditation, spirituality and a proper diet could be just the panacea for neurological diseases, said renowned Jaipur-based neurologist, Dr Ashok Panagariya.

Panagariya was delivering a lecture on ‘Living larger, living happier: A journey from clinical neurology to the complexities of brain and mind’ at the 19th annual conference of the Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN) held at city-based Marriott Hotel and convention centre on Friday. Panagariya, who is the head of department of neurology, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, is also the president of IAN. In his interesting lecture, Panagariya explained how individuals could relax their minds and function amid stressful conditions of life to keep neurological diseases at bay.

According to the doctor, increasing stress coupled with smoking and drinking habits of people has given rise to diabetes and hypertension that in turn has given rise to neurological diseases. “However, science is probing how individuals can control their minds to become stress-free and prevent and cure diseases,” Panagariya said.

Citing examples of Valmiki, Kalidasa and others, Panagariya described how an individual can anchor his mind through meditation and spirituality to live a healthy life.

“Spirituality and meditation strengthens several important parts of the brain. These regions are associated with the emotions that a person feels. Besides yoga, music, playing golf and bridge, reading and meditation stimulates relaxation and pleasure and reduces stress,” the doctor said.

Speaking to DNA, Panagariya said, “Though medication is essential, studies have proved that every fifth human being is still succumbing despite medicines. Hence, it is important to explore paths beyond medicines for prevention and cure of diseases.”

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