The ‘dream team’ for the cold and flu season

The final component of our immune support-acute illness group is Immunity Matrix from Raw Revelations. This product is a mixture of nine medicinal mushrooms, botanical sources of the vitamin C complex, spirulina and tonic Ayurvedic herbs. The mushrooms are the primary ingredients in this formula, as they are well known for their immune-supportive functions. Mushrooms function as scavengers in nature.

A tree that falls to the forest floor will soon be degraded and recycled by the mushrooms residing in the forest soil. When we consume medical mushrooms, it is likely we are also recycling our own dead cells that otherwise become the breeding ground for pathogenic organisms. Plant-based vitamin C provides the other components that support the ascorbic acid in our tissues, and spirulina provides chlorophyll, which helps with detoxification. The dose I use acutely is one-half to two tablespoons in water four times a day until improvement, then twice a day as a follow-up.

With the support of such products, we should be able to be back on our feet quickly and have the confidence that – as humans have found for millennia – the natural world provides abundant support for us as we go through our yearly “clean out” process of acute illness.