Vaccination: Do your own research, exercise due diligence and reserve judgment

During that process of shedding, which varies between a few days to a few months, the vaccinated are infectious. They are carriers and ‘spread‘ the virus.

For a variety of medical reasons, a percentage of the population are either immuno-suppressed or resistant to vaccination. If compulsory vaccination is forced upon us, there is a distinct possibility the mass population would shed potentially more lethal strains of a virus, thereby presenting a far greater risk, not only to the vulnerable, but to themselves and everyone else.

It gets worse (possibly.) Repeated vaccination, over time, frequently reduces immunity, potentially leaving the vaccinated unable to resist naturally occurring viruses in later life. We could see a significant decrease in average lifespan.

Prior to widespread vaccination the population possessed inbuilt natural immunity and generally had healthy microbiomes. The evidence clearly shows that the significant advancements in public health were achieved through better standards of sanitation and other essential infrastructure developments. It was not due to vaccines, which actually played a relatively minor role. If vaccines were the savior then, certainly in the post war period until the 1970’s, we should have seen far more epidemics and the massive reduction in infection rates should not have occurred.

None of this means vaccines don’t work. For example there are a many peer reviewed, scientific papers which demonstrate how vaccination could have reduced the impact of the Poliovirus.

However there is solid justification for some skepticism. Questions definitely need to be answered before we start throwing people in prison for expressing reasonable doubt. For the pro vaccine majority to ignore these questions, without ever considering them, simply because they have been convinced by the MSM and vaccine manufacturer funded research, is to deny scientific debate.

Unquestioned science is not science. It’s belief.

My own confirmation bias leads me to be highly skeptical of any scientific research which is funded by corporations with a massive vested interest in the outcome. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion. Therefore the vast amount of papers ‘proving’ that various vaccines are perfectly safe can be discarded as untrustworthy. Personally, I only find research compelling if it is genuinely independent and based upon measurable, empirical data. Modeling and projections are far less convincing in my view.