Elderberry’s powerful protection against influenza and viruses

Whether you’re struggling to get your health back on track, or you simply want to maintain optimal wellness, my All-Time Top 30 Health Tips are straight-forward strategies that can help you succeed in taking better control of your overall health.

These strategies for achieving optimal wellness are perfect for everyone — from fit and healthy individuals who want to stay in tiptop shape — to those who are just starting their journey to optimal health.

Taken from some of the all-time most-viewed Mercola articles, these Top 30 Health Tips include vital health strategies like:

  • The importance of increasing your levels of vitamin D and magnesium
  • The secrets to regulating your blood pressure levels (in just 15 minutes!)
  • The benefits of avoiding aspartame, the most dangerous substance added to foods
  • Top strategies to optimize your mitochondrial health
  • Why it’s important to reduce your EMF exposure

And so much more!