SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health: #36 – ITN – Aborted Babies in Vaccines | Childhood Obesity | Red Meat Studies

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It’s time again for another of our ‘In the News’ (ITN) shows, where the Objective:Health hosts weigh in on some of the headlines showing up in our feeds in the world of health.

We cover a lot this week: A new study showing children who live closer to fast food joints are more likely to be obese (duh); genetic testing shows many vaccines contain aborted fetal cells; Tylenol taken by pregnant women may cause autism, ADHD or other developmental issues; chemicals in consumer products lead to kids with lower IQs; a not-in-the-least-bit shocking study finds previous studies showing red meat is bad for you were all really crappy studies; and finally, Scientific American, the mainstream of the mainstream science publications, actually publishes an article suggesting 5G may not be safe.

Join us for our hot, and not so hot, takes on the latest in health news.

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