Nottingham two Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains refuses to cater to vegans

Sat Bains

Sat Bains

Nottingham’s two Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains‘ refusal to bow down and serve a vegan menu has won overwhelming support from NottinghamshireLive readers.

The chef said he is not anti-veganism and has enjoyed vegan food himself but it’s his choice not to serve it his world-acclaimed Restaurant Sat Bains.

And he questioned the ethics of those who buy vegan burgers from a deep-fried chicken shop.

After his revelation yesterday Mr Bains was backed by the majority of readers who said it’s his restaurant and his choice.

Many accused other restaurants of “jumping on the vegan bandwagon” for financial gain rather than out of concern for animal welfare or the environment.

Malc Appleby said: “It’s his choice not to prepare or serve any vegan food. I respect that statement. I read (about) far too many restaurants doing it and getting it wrong and facing huge criticism.”

Jane Curtis commented: “I agree Sat, vegan is a rip off and should not be given meat /fish based names eg vegan ‘tuna’ with no fish in sight, just watermelon at a very expensive price.”

Jodie Hurt posted: “Let’s be honest, most companies providing vegan options are just doing it for the cash and give no craps about animal welfare or the environment.”

Nick Rhodes wrote: “Good! He’s continuing to cater for food lovers who like variety. Finally someone not jumping on the pathetic vegan band wagon. As for the people moaning about the price, guess what, this place isn’t targeted at you.”

Even vegetarian of 27 years Karen Nicholl rallied to his support. She said: “Good, well done for not getting on the vegan bandwagon, which seems the latest fad to many.”

Michelle Gardner said: “I absolutely agree. I fully respect those who are vegan/vegetarian. However, this is a business, his lifestyle, his livelihood… why change and change your views due to veganism being ‘popular’ at the minute?. Each to their own. Stick to what you’re good at and let others jump on the bandwagon (although I’d like to take a bet who will be in business longer)!”

NeilT60 pointed out: “Outspoken maybe, but he’s right. Vegan restaurants don’t serve anything but vegan food and won’t alter their menu to include meat for someone who wants it, so why should he change his menu to accommodate vegans?”

However, not everyone agreed with the chef’s stance.

Longstaffs commented: “Bad to see someone in the hospitality industry being un-hospitable to potential customers.”

Cats Richmond said: “Just admit you can’t make delicious vegan food. It is a skill of its own. Something not many can perfect.”

Rebecca Almudevar was unhappy about the use of deer, which are culled every year at Wollaton Park. “Boasting about how much work he puts in to cooking the majestic deer off Wollaton Park. But no acknowledgements of the work other chefs go to to make vegan food as tasty and interesting.”