SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health #44 – ‌Apocalypse Now – Is COVID-19 Our Day of Reckoning?

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If you haven’t heard about the coronavirus currently locking down China, you’ve likely been hiding under a rock. The explanations for the origin of the virus have been all over the place: it came from Chinese people eating weird animals (bat soup anyone?); it came from space hitchhiking on a meteorite; it escaped a biotech lab; it’s a bioweapon launched by the US to cripple China’s economy. There’s tons of speculation, but little in the way of actual verifiable evidence.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we wax on about COVID-19. Are we all gonna die? Or will it fizzle out like previous pandemics?

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Running Time: 00:36:54

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