Rep. Heidi Sampson: Yes, Big Pharma pulls the strings

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© Kennebec Journal photo by Joe Phelan
Dr. Zach Mazone, speaks during a Yes on 1 news conference on Tuesday at the Maine State House in Augusta.

Recently, Dr. Laura Blaisdell told Mainers during a radio interview that her ‘No on 1’ coalition includes a group of trusted, local physicians. These are the same people who stroll around the state capitol donning their lab coats. Their subliminal message of superiority is not missed on the discerning.

Blaisdell’s mantra, “Trust us,” implies no need to question, no need to be informed, no need to make your own decisions about your body or that of your child. She and her colleagues know all, so check your brain at the door. Why question?

As a member of the Legislature who engaged in the entire bill process, I asked lots of questions. According to the CDC’s testimony, we don’t have a problem. We are already at the desired threshold of 95% compliance. No need for this law. However, Big Pharma got its way — thanks to the likes of Blaisdell and her “trustworthy” coalition.

This law, the most punitive and overreaching vaccine mandate law in the nation was shoved through our Legislature despite the unprecedented number of people who were in strong opposition. It removes both children and adults from school (public, private, parochial, online and trade schools, including higher education) and employment (including employees at day care and health care services) should they miss even one dose of a required vaccine.

Yet we are told to trust.

Eliminate the opportunity to verify truth and trust is destroyed.

Where is the trust when:

– Physicians get a financial bonus if their practice achieves a specific vaccine compliance rate.

According to the director of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Confidence Project, “In medical school, you’re lucky if you have a half day on vaccines, never mind keeping up to date with all of it.”

– The CDC holds over 50 patents, making them a part of the vaccine manufacturing industry.

– The vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to make safe products because the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 gave them immunity from lawsuit.

– The World Health Organization reveals the science is not settled, because no safety studies have been done.

– Mandate laws benefit Big Pharma’s bottom line, and Merck’s profits for only their childhood vaccines grossed $8.4 billion in 2019 alone.

Where is the trust when:

Outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps and pertussis are happening in populations with 100% vaccination rates.

The CDC manipulated data presented to the Education Committee by omitting the first-grader data field, resulting in a false narrative that rates in Maine are dropping when in reality they are not.

Those recently vaccinated pose far greater risks to the immuno-compromised than does any unvaccinated child.

Where is the trust when:

– Well paid lobbyists earn nearly $50,000 in a few short months to wine and dine legislators to do their bidding.

Some lobbyists mock, intimidate and harass parents exercising their constitutional right to petition their grievances.

– Elected representatives turn a deaf ear to well over 600 people who testified in opposition to this law.

Where is the trust when:

Nearly $500,000 from Big Pharma pours into ads using fear tactics and manipulated statistics aimed at convincing people to give away their constitutional rights.

– One follows the money, discovering Big Pharma is actually pulling the strings on this vaccine mandate law.

The Yes On 1 Campaign has been vindicated in using “Reject Big Pharma” as their tagline. Big Pharma with their group of “trusted physicians” has been responsible for the opioid crisis that is still ravaging our state. Why should we trust them now?

We as Maine citizens have not only the right, but an obligation to reject this gross governmental overreach masquerading as public health.

Rep. Heidi Sampson represents House District 21. She resides in Alfred.