People are now stocking Little Free Libraries with toilet paper and food for neighbors in need

Little Free Pantries

There are more than 75,000 registered Little Free Libraries around the world — and people are now converting them into Little Free Pantries for their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Although Little Free Pantries have been popping up in people’s neighborhoods since 2016, these newly-converted pantries are being hailed as a particularly uplifting example of community kindness amidst the coronavirus outbreaks.

Pantries from Vancouver, Canada to Arlington, Massachusetts are now filled with toilet paper, canned goods, books, hand sanitizer, and toiletries.

“My kids have invested a lot of time into just making sure there’s stuff up there,” a Minnesota woman told CNN about their local pantry. “The experience for them being able to be a part of something that gives back. That’s really cool.”

As a means of respecting quarantine guidelines, local pantry caretakers are reminding visitors to wash their hands and sanitize the pantry door handles before handling its contents.

If you want to look up instructions on how to build your own Little Free Pantry — or check out a map of pantries near you — be sure and visit the Little Free website.