Covid-19 infecting our DREAMS, says study – and researchers claim it hints at ‘some form of SHARED MINDSCAPE’

Many of us consider it a living nightmare and, now, new research proves the Covid-19 pandemic is invading our dreams too. Moreover, it concludes that the similar themes of its test subjects’ dreams point to a “shared” mindscape. Researchers in Finland used artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the recent dreams of several hundred people, details of which had been recorded on a database. They found that Covid-19 had ‘infected’ over half the dreams that the participants described as ‘bad’. The resulting paper, titled ‘Pandemic Dreams: Network Analysis of Dream Content During the COVID-19 Lockdown’, was published on the online open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology. To carry out their study, the researchers crowdsourced sleep and stress data from a pool of some 4,000 participants during the sixth week of lockdown in Finland, 800 of whom also gave detailed information about and descriptions of their dreams.