Swollen lymph nodes after COVID-19 vaccines may cause cancer false alarms

A study shows 90% of COVID deaths are from countries with high rates of obesity. Getting a mammogram or other cancer check soon after a COVID-19 vaccination? Be sure to tell the doctor about the shot to avoid false alarm over a temporary side effect. That’s the advice from cancer experts and radiologists. Sometimes lymph nodes, especially in the armpit, swell after the vaccinations. It’s a normal reaction by the immune system but one that might be mistaken for cancer if it shows up on a mammogram or other scan. Comment: It’s a concerning development. However, since these are experimental vaccines and the mass vaccination programs are admittedly a test, it’s likely they didn’t realise it would effect so many people so severely. “We need to get the word out,” said Dr. Melissa Chen, a radiologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston who recently had to reassure a frightened patient who sought cancer testing because of an enlarged lymph node.