Éiriú Eolas

Growth of Knowledge

The amazing scientific stress-control, healing, detoxing and rejuvenation program which is THE KEY that will help you to change your life in a REAL and immediately noticeable way.

Are you stressed?

Do you suffer chronic fatigue, conditions that your doctor cannot diagnose or that he thinks are “all in your head“? Are you in physical pain more often that not? Is your system toxified from living in today’s polluted environment? Do you wish you could face life’s challenges with greater calm and peace of mind? Would you like to actually feel healthy, happy and pain-free every day?

Introducing Éiriú Eolas

Éiriú Eolas will enable you to rapidly and gently access and release layers of mental, emotional and physical toxicity that stand between you and a healthy, younger feeling and younger looking body!

Instantly control stress and high energy situations
Detox your body resulting in pain relief
Relax and gently work through past emotional and psychological trauma
Regenerate and rejuvenate your body/mind

The Program

The Program consists of:


  • Intro Video

A detailed overview of the scientific and philosophical theories behind the breath and the action of breathing and its importance for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.


  • Instructional Video

A video demonstration of the simple Éiriú Eolas warm-up exercises and additional breathing techniques including bioenergetic breathing that, when practiced regularly, can bring about deep emotional, mental, and psychic healing.

Our Instructors

Juliana Barembuem

Argentinian-Italian, MA in Linguistics, multilingual translator and interpreter. Juliana practiced yoga, breathing and meditation techniques for several years before becoming an Éiriú Eolas instructor in 2009.

Gabriela Segura

Dr. Gaby was born into a mixed Eastern-Western family in Costa Rica and she is a countryside family medicine doctor and former heart surgeon. Her research in the medical field, the true nature of our world and all things related to healing have taken her to Italy, Canada, France and Spain.

Irini Gregoriu

With a master’s degree in Art Therapy, Irini has extensive clinical experience in the field of mental health, which makes her ideally suited to share the benefits of EE with others. She has been an EE instructor since 2010, has taught the program to a large number of students and she is currently in charge of training new instructors.

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Éiriú Eolas has changed my life. I feel more relaxed and in control, more motivated and inspired. My sleep has improved a lot. This program is now an essential part of my life.

— David Ditka

The introductory video is so nicely made. All those 3D explanations are just stuck in my mind now. Every time I breathe the wrong way I am reminded by the animation. The info coupled with the visuals just stays with me.

— Frank, Computer Consultant — California

The EE program has helped me experience and release much emotional baggage.

— Brent, Genetic Research Technician — New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I practice Éiriú Eolas?

Generally is is recommended you complete the entire program twice per week and the meditation daily, preferably before sleeping. This allows your subconscious to process while you rest. Also, you may perform Pipe Breathing daily, as desired.

I can’t keep up with the counting, what should I do?

If the count is too long or too short for you, adjust to what is comfortable. As you become more proficient you will find it easier to keep to the count. The important thing when doing Pipe Breath is to make the exhalation longer than the inhalation, and to empty your lungs as completely as possible. The brief pauses between inhaling and exhaling are also important because they allow for full gas exchange within the lungs.

Can I lay down for the breathing exercise?

Laying down is fine. The point is to be as comfortable as possible.

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