The introductory video is so nicely made. All those 3D explanations are just stuck in my mind now. Every time I breathe the wrong way I am reminded by the animation. The info coupled with the visuals just stays with me.

— Frank, Computer Consultant — California

The EE program has helped me experience and release much emotional baggage.

— Brent, Genetic Research Technician — New York

My anger has abated A LOT. YAY! My hearing seems to have gotten better, too. My appetite has increased with no weight gain (another YAY).

— Margaret, Administrative Assistant — Texas

It’s like feeling ‘cleaner’, this is the closest word I could find to this sensation.

— Amokrane, Astronomer — Chile

Today the process included cleansing tears as I recalled patterns of loss and abandonment in my life. Everything about the experience was utterly gracious. I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of Éiriú Eolas.

— Elizabeth, Student — Missouri

The breathing technique is a great tool for the kids because they can do it anywhere and it does seem to really work.

— Jane, Second Grade School Teacher — North Carolina

I am both alert and relaxed most of the time.

— Mike, Filmmaker — Armenia

My experience doing EE is always blissful, the round breathing especially, so that I am in a deep meditative state… I used to lead group meditations and kirtans (devotional chanting) for many years. EE produces results in just a few minutes, doing it solo, that I have only experienced in group meditations after an hour or more. It’s such a beautiful experience.

— Chris, Computer Programmer — New Jersey

The most deeply healing practice I’ve ever encountered. No other practice has had such a positive and lasting effect on my mind, body and soul.

— Tom, UK

I’ve tried a little of Yoga before but it simply missed the mark since it just didn’t have that ‘power’ to relax me the way the EE program does. The vagus nerve stimulation and the very effective, no nonsense breathing techniques really make the difference!

— Ken, USA

I’ve practised yoga and breathing meditations over the years but there was absolutely no comparing that to this experience

— Elaine, Executive Assistant — Arizona

There have been many improvements in my life since I began the programme: For the first time in my life, I don’t wish I was somewhere else, doing something else. I feel so strong and optimistic, that’s a wonderful feeling. Here’s a great slogan: Does your soul need a holiday? Then our EE program might just be the solution!

— Aude, Health Kinesiology practitioner — Belgium

I’ve been working with the program since June 2010. Before diving into any specific health experiences, I would first like to affectionately commend my instructors as they have been primary in assisting me in the rewarding and grueling process of changing my mental, physical and emotional outlook on life and being. Together, Ingrid and Elan are a formidable team and are building E.E. New York into an oasis of learning, growing and evolving.


One of my obvious and ongoing results has been a loss of over twenty pounds of excess weight and not just any type of weight either. It seemed the weight I was carrying was literally loaded with toxins and spiritual heaviness courtesy of an already unhealthy modern lifestyle, persistent childhood emotional issues and having the noxious fumes of the World Trade Center waft over my apartment in downtown Brooklyn for several months. After the WTC I developed various severe immune problems within six months and have become increasingly frustrated at the methods I’ve employed to attempt to cope with my health issues. Fortunately, I now know I don’t have to give up and can honestly work with a group of people who are similarly inclined towards better health and existence.


Another important result has been a marked reduction in addictive thought patterns and anxiety produced by unhealthy lifestyle decisions. The siren call of sugar and unhealthy food choices is not as alluring or necessary now. Oh, and this is a somewhat embarrassing one, but I have quit biting my fingernails. Since childhood I have always chewed my fingernails but now I don’t.


Unlike other programs, Eiriu Eolas has no predetermined goals based on guilt, metaphorical shame based weigh ins or unrealistic expectations yet numerable positive changes come in short order. As Gore Vidal wrote, and I’ll place in the entirely different context of Eiriu Eolas, <em>There are no ends Joe, only means</em>

— Joe, NYC

I’ve been doing EE for over 6 months now and I’ve had some great results! Leading a ‘modern’ lifestyle rapidly left me totally stressed… a busy work environment with long hours and short deadlines, three teenage children and generally trying to get ahead in life. I was overweight and not able to sleep for more than 4 hours at a go.


After practicing EE for a short period of time, I found I was more relaxed and calm. It was much easier for me to put life in perspective so to speak. I found the will to get on the Ultra-Mind diet and rapidly lost 6 Kilos! My sleep is now much better and I now am able to sleep for 6-7 hours without waking up. Recently while talking with a group of new friends, I asked them to guess my age. I was surprised when the nearest guess put me 5 years younger. I figure that must be rejuvenation!!


By far the best benefit from EE has been the ability to put my life in perspective. I feel I’m now back on track and better equipped to figure out what’s really important in life. I’d like to thank all those who developed and are helping to share this amazing program.

— Kinyash, Kenya

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this. It’s amazing – I really can’t describe it. What I’m holding here is a miracle!

— Jim, with the DVD set in hand — UK