SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health – Meat and Mood – Does Red Meat Consumption Really Lead to Depression?

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Red meat has gotten the blame for almost every health condition currently afflicting modern society. Red meat raises your cholesterol and clogs your arteries. Red meat causes cancer. Red meat makes you more susceptible to the coronavirus. But when nutritional psychologist Georgia Ede recently read the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and came across a statement that red meat causes depression, with 19 studies sited to back up the claim, she decided to dig in to the research and see what this was all about.

On this episode of Objective:Health we talk about Ede’s recently posted talk at CrossFit about the propaganda campaign against meat and look specifically at the claim that eating red meat will cause depression. Is it possible that a food we’ve eaten since the foundation of our race has been making us depressed for all this time? Does this claim actually have any scientific merit? What’s the real deal with meat – is eating steak going to make you depressed?

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